Playtv il digitale terrestre mac

You can record live tv while playing games
You can freely copy recorded tv to your PC or PSP as it has no copy protection
You can view live TV on your PSP using remote play
7 hour program guide
Coming sometime this year

I would pay a max of £60 for PlayTV as we already own a DVD Recorder with DTV, 7 day program guide and 140GB hard drive.

@reallywhoelse | TheSixthAxis Writer

i would probably only pay up to £40, not cus im cheap, but if its any more i would rather spend my money on games, considering i already have a top box


--"I can't run any more, I'll have to skip!" - Bender Bending Rodriguez

Woah! That looks really awsome and i am definantly going to get this. Cheers for the link mate

Well people saying playtv not having a series link is rubbish, i watch a very detailed video of it and you can make 25 series links. Also more rubbish about it not rewinding what the hell stop making up rubbish.

Il canale si distingue per proporre un palinsesto interamente musicale che mira a divenire un vero punto di riferimento globale per la musica digitale , ...

... (Picture in Picture) anche se il segnale Digitale 'viaggia' con circa 2 secondi di ritardo... La Play tv non ha il supporto al DVB-T2, giusto?

Ho acquistato il dispositivo Playtv della Sony dopo aver visto sul sito ... c'era il canale in alta definizione in digitale terrestre Rai Test Hd mai aimè ...

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