Kara no shoujo the in italiano

I finally finished Kara no Shoujo~! It was kind of difficult coming back to it after a few months away, as the plot is quite complicated, with a lot of different characters and connections to remember, but I soon got back into it.┬áThe first couple of times I played through on my own, then I used a walkthrough to get all the different endings and scenes. Now, onto the review.. (I say ‘review’, but it’s more just a jumble of my thoughts on the game, that I hope might stimulate discussion, or help someone in their decision to decide what to play ^^;)

Kara no Shoujo’s story is fantastic. It’s probably best described as a murder mystery / psychological horror . I was completely engrossed in the mystery, and it kept me guessing right up until the end. I won’t spoil anything, but let me say that there are many shocking and strange developments to look forward (?) to. It’s worth playing through every route as each adds more to the main plot, expanding on various characters’ motivations and inner thoughts. After experiencing all the different routes, I got kind of confused about who was dead/alive in the ‘true’ route though!

The protagonist is also pretty likeable. His attitude towards young high-school girls is pretty questionable, but he’s generally a good guy, and has that world-weary, ex-cop, hard-boiled detective vibe going on.

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